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Delivering on the promise of the American Dream and enabling socioeconomic mobility by creating and preserving high-quality, high-opportunity housing. Tredway's disciplined investment approach generates attractive risk-adjusted returns and tangible impact—profits with purpose.

About Tredway

Tredway is an affordable and mixed-income real estate developer focused on building and preserving high-quality, high-opportunity housing across America. We believe that safe, adequate housing is the bedrock of the American Dream and is a critical first step in fostering greater and more widespread upward socioeconomic mobility within our society.

At Tredway, we recognize that solving America's housing crisis—one of the most pressing issues of our time—requires collaboration within our industry and beyond. We take pride in the relationships we've built with other purpose-driven developers, nonprofits and those in the public sector who share our dedication to providing homes that allow people to live a dignified, healthy and vibrant life.

Fueled by creativity, integrity and old-fashioned hard work, our high-performing team has delivered more than 30,000 homes nationwide. Above all, we believe in the power of empathy and are consistent and intentional in seeking to build connection and community through our work.


Partnering with Tredway

The Tredway Approach

Guided by bold ideas, empathy and the power of data, our impact lies in enabling upward socioeconomic mobility while equalizing access to opportunity and delivering powerful outcomes.

The Tredway Advantage

Tangible Impact

We adhere to investment criteria that asks: does this promote upward socioeconomic mobility; is this environmentally sustainable; and can we achieve attractive risk-adjusted returns?



We are transparent and collaborative, bringing value to the table across multiple disciplines while maintaining intentionality in all business aspects.


Industry Foothold

We approach our work with unrivaled discipline and focus to deliver solid, risk-adjusted returns for investors creating long-term, formidable relationships.



Our namesake, Alfred Tredway White, commonly known as “Brooklyn’s first citizen,” was a turn-of-the-century influential housing developer, social reformer, and philanthropist.

Driven by the conviction that a community’s health, happiness, and physical environment were interrelated and paramount to upward socioeconomic mobility, Tredway’s work to improve tenement housing led to the country’s first housing reform laws.

After studying housing reform across the globe and utilizing new building technology and innovative construction techniques, Tredway developed thousands of affordable homes for families across New York. With attention to open space, sunlight, ventilation, and fire-safety, Tredway’s buildings —including the Home Buildings (1877), Warren Place (1878), the Tower buildings (1879), and the Riverside Buildings (1890)—set new quality standards for apartment living.

Through his developments, leadership, and advocacy, Tredway demonstrated that investing in underserved communities can be profitable and socially beneficial.

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