Who We Are

Tredway innovates in affordable housing to build a future where all can flourish.

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Founded in 2021 by industry veteran Will Blodgett, Tredway is an affordable housing real estate developer with a bold approach. Our team acquires, develops, preserves and revitalizes communities that create better lives, better outcomes for the planet and better returns for our stakeholders. Guided by impact and fueled by innovation, Tredway brings deep expertise to a shared purpose: unlocking opportunity for all.

Meet Our Team

Our Purpose

When people have a place to call home, new worlds open.

High-quality, high-opportunity affordable housing gives people more than shelter. It opens the door to possibility, providing the stable foundation needed to kickstart upward socioeconomic mobility. As America feels the strain of a severe housing crisis, the need for new ideas in affordable housing only grows more urgent.

Our Story

Founder and CEO Will Blodgett was personally inspired to build a better world by building better homes.

A century ago, our company’s namesake—affordable housing pioneer and philanthropist Alfred Tredway White—set out with the bold vision to invest in the underclass by improving housing in New York. His legacy would one day inspire Will Blodgett. Growing up in Chicago and bullied for having a stutter, Blodgett rode out a childhood filled with adversity with the support of his friends—many of whom lived in public housing. When that housing was demolished and his friends forced to move away, Blodgett floundered until a football coach helped set him on the path to college.

Determined to help people like the friends who had helped him, Blodgett began a journey that eventually led to significant work in attainable housing, including at The Related Companies, the New York City Housing Authority and as a founding partner of Fairstead. In 2021, Blodgett founded Tredway, realizing the dream of connecting people to better lives by bringing the transformative power of empathy, data and bold innovation to affordable housing development.

alfred tredway white

Alfred Tredway White

Our Inspiration

This isn’t the first time our country has faced a housing crisis.

In the late 19th century, New York City’s tenements were crowded, unsanitary and often dangerous. Philanthropist and social reformer Alfred Tredway White advocated for better urban housing and invested his capital into developing modern, innovative apartment buildings that prioritized ventilation, sanitation, fire safety, aesthetics and connection.

His tireless work not only improved the health and prosperity of Brooklyn residents, but also initiated some of the country’s first housing reform laws. With beautiful buildings that set new standards in apartment living, Tredway was the first to show that housing could be high-quality, affordable for residents and profitable for investors. We still look to his example today.