What We Do

Tredway develops, revitalizes and preserves housing that opens doors to opportunity.

Access to safe, healthy housing creates equity and empowers people to build a better life. Tredway focuses on high-quality affordable, mixed-income and workforce housing to give everyone—from low-income seniors to growing families—a chance to thrive.

a mom and kids in their apartment
smiling senior couple
smiling senior couple

The Tredway Approach

If you want to build the future, you need tomorrow’s tools.

Whether we are developing sustainable mixed-income apartments with new construction or preserving a cornerstone neighborhood community, the Tredway approach unlocks powerful outcomes for our residents and powerful returns for our stakeholders.

a father helping his sun learn to ride a bike
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People are the primary lens for our work. Never losing sight of our mission, we listen to our residents with compassion and curiosity, and respond by shaping communities specifically designed to inspire their next step forward.

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We bring the strategic expertise, extensive networks, unique sourcing channels, partnerships and industry influence that comes from a team who has collectively invested, acquired and asset managed more than $7 billion in real estate, earning a cumulative 38 years of experience.

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Always ahead of the curve, we leverage data and technology like no one else, working strategically in data analysis and application to create better lives for our residents, better impacts on our planet and better returns for our stakeholders.

a father helping his sun learn to ride a bike

Collaboration is the key to creating change

Above all, we recognize that solving America’s housing crisis takes a team effort. Tredway’s deep, extensive network of owner/operators, institutional partners, public agencies and beyond creates unique opportunities to source, develop and capitalize meaningful projects. Because our approach is creative, connected and open to complexity, we can assemble innovative deals that maximize value and impact for everyone.

As we work with housing agencies, governments and non-profit organizations across the country, we prioritize listening and collaboration. Working in harmony, we tailor culturally sensitive programming and bespoke services to the needs of individual communities. Finally, we bring the vision to life in partnership with residents and others who share our values and believe in the strength of local community.